It’s been so long

I’ve basically been up to the same thing practice, practice oh and let me not forget practice. I’m coming along ok still not quite there but I refuse to give up. It’s like being m…

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It’s been so long

I’ve basically been up to the same thing practice, practice oh and let me not forget practice. I’m coming along ok still not quite there but I refuse to give up. It’s like being married and going through problems but you don’t want that separation or divorce. You keep at it and at it and mysteriously things come together. Seeing people artwork inspires me so much because there’s a lot of good artist out there and I know it took alot of time and effort for them to get there.

Last month or so I gave myself a sort of challenge. Being as though I have a hour and a half commute on the bus to work. I would draw a portrait everyday to work on facial feature and hairstyles. Some came out pretty ok for them to be done on a bus. It’s kind of hard drawing writing and coloring on the bus. This is just a few of them and that’s it for now. Until next keep creating because it’s a true blessing like no other.

Hair Trend

Hello Creative People

Today I want to talk about a trend that’s been going around, of course you know its a hair trend because that’s the title of this post. Lets get to. For a long time gray and silver has been my favorite color. Im actually obsessed with it. Is this hair color for me? No no no!  Should any and everybody be doing this? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Ive seen a couple of people that it really looks nice on because they don’t look aged and everything around this look is simple.Then you have those with long weaves and bright red lipstick. Just looking the best of a mess.

This trend really inspired me.  I just had to put my two cents in. The hairstyle is a 80’s hairstyle ; Which I thought would be perfect, for this hair color. Thanks for visiting.  Stay bless, Stay focus and stay creating



Queen Of All Queens

Hello my creative friends. Today I’m showing of a evening gown I designed. When I finish this drawing my intentions was to stay away from blue but once again there it goes. The good old reliable blue. My inspiration behind this was of course vintage and why? Because I love it so much.


Queen Of All Queens

One-Shoulder beaded Floor-Length Chiffon A-line evening gown with side split

The mediums I use: Derwent Colour Soft pencils Peach, Pale Brown, Prisma Water Color Pencil in Tan and Colorless Blender
for skin tone. For dress Dick Black Ultramarine Light ,Crayola Cerulean Blue, Blue Glitter Gel Pen and Rose art Glitter Craft Glue in blue.

Well that’s it for today xoxo until next time and remember; To be creative is to be bless.

Still Creating

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile I know. I have to get better with posting. With that said today want to show a few things I’m working on and a few finish pieces. Lately I’ve been trying to pull inspiration from everywhere and anything.

Two piece skirt and crop top with silver gray sash.


She's So Chic Silk Evening Gown

Silk Evening Gown


Lately I’ve been drawing flowers . I call them fantasy flower because I like to draw them and color them in untraditional ways and plus I figure maybe it could help with this blending and shading thing.

Well that’s it for today thing you for taking time to check me out. Until next time be blessed and keep that creative spirit move.
       XOXO Chrissi

My Attempt 2 This is what I came up with.

After attempting to draw braids. I thought why not go for the gusto and add some color to this. Lately I haven’t been really color my work. I’ve just been doing a lot of drawing and practicing trying to build up my skills. For the most part I’ve came along way. So when people say practice makes perfect. Thats the truth. I’m not quite there but I do see improvement and thats important with anything you do in life.


Well I’m not going to wrap you guys up. I basically just wanted to show how this attempt to draw a braided style came out. Until next keep creating because its a blessing like no other.