It’s been so long

I’ve basically been up to the same thing practice, practice oh and let me not forget practice. I’m coming along ok still not quite there but I refuse to give up. It’s like being married and going through problems but you don’t want that separation or divorce. You keep at it and at it and mysteriously things come together. Seeing people artwork inspires me so much because there’s a lot of good artist out there and I know it took alot of time and effort for them to get there.

Last month or so I gave myself a sort of challenge. Being as though I have a hour and a half commute on the bus to work. I would draw a portrait everyday to work on facial feature and hairstyles. Some came out pretty ok for them to be done on a bus. It’s kind of hard drawing writing and coloring on the bus. This is just a few of them and that’s it for now. Until next keep creating because it’s a true blessing like no other.


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