My attempt

This is a quick draft picture of a braided hairstyle. I’ve been a little intermediate about trying this because it never comes out like I want it. I have a sketch book that I’m dedicating to hairstyles facial features and shading. This one won’t be in there.


I figure I would never get this without keeping at it. Until next time keep creating because its a blessing


7 thoughts on “My attempt

  1. This is such a great draft. You should be proud of it, it looks like the actual hair do. Keep up the good work. Take care. And the sketchbook, can have anything in it. No worries. A thought.

  2. Hi! You are the first person who commented on my blog, and it really makes my day! As you said, “it never comes out like I wanted” happened all the time to me too. I have this handheld thick sketch book, which i just sketch as many I can for that one particular idea. And it kinda helps moving towards what I actually wanted in the beginning. I hope this is useful. By the way, the braid here is actually pretty good! đŸ™‚

    • You are so welcome and I truly love your blog and your designs are really good . You have some true skills. Thank you for your comment and checking my blog out and I’m glad you think the braids are nice. I just finish coloring it. I should be doing a post in a couple of hours or so. I would love for you do check it out and again thank you so much

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