My attempt

This is a quick draft picture of a braided hairstyle. I’ve been a little intermediate about trying this because it never comes out like I want it. I have a sketch book that I’m dedicating to hairstyles facial features and shading. This one won’t be in there.


I figure I would never get this without keeping at it. Until next time keep creating because its a blessing


Oh Miss Calena Wrap Dress

Matted Jersey vine printed fabricPicsArt_1424903314273

A look that is so classic and a true must have the wrap dress. This style has been around for yes. They are easy and effortlessly chic. This is my interpretation.

Picture Booster

For some reason I have an addiction to photo editing. Me and Pics Art are best friends. I like Pixel to. Some people get hook on Games, Facebook , G+ or Twitter. I really like those too. Picture editing I could find myself doing this for hours. This is one I did on Pics Art. I have so many in my phone that it’s ridiculous.


  This is a portrait  like picture I did may like two weeks ago.  I thought it would be fun to add some color and use some fonts to make logo ad. After Hour Pleasure is my sultry line. Clothing for the night life. Some day wear to. Full of edge. Well thanks for taking time to read this. Be Bless ,Be Happy and Be Creative.

My Passion

For so long my love for art and fashion has been crazy. Every since I could recall my obsession with the two has been something I dream love and taste with all my heart. Begin able to create and pull inspiration I feel as though is a true blessing that I’m so grateful for. This is one of my designs I did maybe a week ago. I love PicsArt so a lot of times I like to photo edit my design before and sometimes after they are finish


Thanks for reading. So appreciate you stopping by